Our Warehouse

43 O'Brien Street Kearny, NJ 07032



Arrive to our warehouse: 43 O'Brien Street Kearny, NJ 07032

Doors will open for the sale of new pallets beginning at 10AM - Sale of new pallets will be on a first come/first serve basis- If any pallets remain unsold, we will do a live stream video and or pics showing still available pallets, along with a brief overview of what's on each pallet with pricing for that pallet.

Should you want to purchase one of the pallets shown in the live stream video, just comment the pallet number in the video post and we will give 30 mins to call us or go online to make payment and we will reserve the pallet for you.

RESERVED pallets must be PAID FOR IN FULL and picked up within 1 business day after reservation is made, unless other arrangements are made. If pallets are not paid for within 30 mins of your REQUEST TO RESERVE we will auction off the pallet in one of our daily auctions. 

AUCTION PALLETS...Homeland Liquidators LLC will have pallet auctions daily.  Starting bids for all auctions is $50 with $10 minimum bid increments.  Auctions are available only on Facebook. Auction pickup is available at our Kearny NJ warehouse Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 3pm. To bid on daily auctions you will need to join our Facebook Buyer's Group page.  Also, members of our Buyer's Group and our website mailing list will receive early updates on incoming shipments, be able to view live stream videos and receive special promotions before the general public.

LINE NUMBERS - Numbers will be given out starting at 8AM. Numbers will hold your place in line, so once you have one, you can leave and come back around 15 minutes before the doors open at 10AM to queue up. Everyone will be let in at the same time, but in the order of your number. EVERYONE MUST HAVE A NUMBER. Once inside, if you find a pallet you would like to purchase please remove the label with pallet number and pricing info on it and we will process your payment for your pallet.

Quality Assurance

We 100% guarantee our pallets are not picked through. We sell them just as we received them.   Our merchandise pallets are a mix of shelf pulls, overstock, and customer returns.All sales are final. No returns accepted. We can't guarantee the condition of any merchandise. Products will vary from brand new to salvaged. It's safe to assume 20% of merchandise will not be viable for re-sale.